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Green Up sources the globe for the safest and best products to create healthy and aesthetically pleasing living environments. We are a distributor for selected manufacturers as well as a resource for customers who know what they want, but don’t know if a product exists to meet their needs. Green Up also designs and builds our own products – using the safest materials on the market. We’ll customize a manufacturers existing product or make our own in order to deliver the solution desired by our customers.

Our design team will explain the benefits of each product and help you decide which solution works best for your desired outcome.


Moss tiles are a maintenance free way to create an inside green wall using Reindeer Moss. Reindeer Moss is naturally growing Lichen that can be found primarily in arctic locations in Asia, Europe and North America. It is naturally preserved, stabilized and colored using food dyes to produce a variety of hues.
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Greenhouses and Raised Beds

Green Up can construct almost any size green house or raised bed for your backyard, business or garden. We can install rollup sides, fans, heaters, or any other accessories you need to maximize the use of your green house. We can design your garden beds to make them easy to plant, maintain and harvest.

Hydroponic and Organic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is quickly growing. We carry both entire systems and the parts needed for all popular hydroponic systems and even install custom systems.

If you want to grow in soil then organic gardening is for you. From organic soil to nutrients and more we carry the finest organic products available.


Living Walls

In our experience, a living wall can be successfully created using one of the many systems available in the market place. We work with each customer to understand their vision and desired outcome, and choose the best system to fit their need.