Green Up Victory Garden Kits are all-in-one garden systems with everything you need to start and grow your very own Victory Garden. Green Up takes all the guess work out of choosing the right organic seeds, soil, fertilizer and plants. Our gardens are guaranteed to grow and come complete with a set of simple, easy to follow instructions. Our kits come in three sizes so you can always find the right size and fit for your family.

Due to these trying times, a Victory Garden is a place to find solace, joy and wonder. It provides peace of mind, connection and appreciation sowing the seeds of patience, resilience, and relationships. Let’s use this time to reconect with nature, family and all that is important by planting a Victory Garden. It will help us carry through, while cultivating things that matter mose.

Due to Covid-19, contactless delivery and set up is up and running smoothly. Should you have any questions about the handling of your Victory Garden please don’t hesitate to call. Safety is our top priority.


THE HEIRLOOM: 2’x2’-10’’ high square garden grow on top or in ground. Soil, fertilizer all organic $275

THE SPROUT: 20’’x6’’ high with bottom. Soil, fertilizer all organic $75