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Hydroponic Gardening

Green Up specializes in hydroponic growing. We have our own grow room in our store/design center where we grow produce for sale as well as for our own use. We understand NFT, Ebb/Flow, Dutch Bucket, Drain To Waste or whatever system you choose to grow your plants.

Organic Gardening

Green Up stocks organic soil, compost, non-GMO seeds, nutrients and pest control solutions. You can purchase our in-house blend of soil, perlite and coco-fiber or request your own mix of growing media. We have clients who only want Mel’s Mix for Square Foot Gardening. We have customers who are long time gardeners who demand the components of growing media that they have used for years. We supply novice gardeners with a pre-mixed organic soil that we know will yield healthy, organic plants. It’s your garden – we’re here to help.

Nutrients & Fertilizers

We stock organic fertilizers as well as compost and other amendments for soil gardeners that will maximize root development, plant growth and yields. We have a large selection of liquid nutrients from the leading sources of organic and hydroponic supplies such as Aurora Innovations, General Hydroponics, Botanicare and Advance Nutrients. We have everything you need for all phases of your plant’s growing cycle

Grow Lights

We offer a wide variety of lights – metal halide, high pressure sodium, T5 fluorescent, and LED bulbs, ballasts and fixtures. We have light stands and hanging systems. We customize a system to fit your needs and budget.

Pest Management

We use and sell organic (OMNI certified) products from Safer such as liquid lady bug, and compounds made from cedar. We are a source for integrated pest management systems using live beneficial insects that consume ‘bad bugs’.